Top 6 Sports For Women Of All Age Group

sports for women

While there’s no specific tagline like “sports for women,” there are some games and activities that are best suited for the girls. Why? Because participating in sports can get them plenty of physical exercises that they usually cannot have. They can learn new skills, indulge in team-building, and can enjoy social connection in a constructive ambiance. 

Schools in America are nowadays taking proactive steps to include sports for girls. They are also developing provisions for women-specific sports in schools so that the female folks get more interested and participate. 

Sports for Women
Sports for Women

Here is a list of top six sports for women, which profoundly impacts their social and psychological well-being. 

Types Of Women-Specific Games


Soccer is quite popular among female athletes of all age groups. It’s one of the most coveted sports across the world. Experts believe that playing soccer is excellent for those who are looking to fortify lower body strength. Also, playing soccer helps you work in a team, which develops confidence and team spirit. Considering the physical fitness of a girl, soccer is indeed one of the best sports for her. 


It’s extremely popular across the world. There are six members in each team with two opposing sides. All it needs is to land the ball on the opposing team’s side of the net. It’s more of an indoor game, though schools and colleges promote this game. However, it’s pretty adored as a beach game, as well. The only gears it needs are knee pads and a ball. For women, it not only offers physical strength but also has a psychological effect. 


A fast-paced game that requires less running but a lot of tricky moves. Tennis is more of a traditional game and highly popular among girls. It hardly requires any gears other than tennis balls and racquet.


Basketball is ideal for those who prefer fast-paced games with more physical activities. It also involves a lot of running and concentration. It’s a team sport that strengthens the upper part of the body. The game, however, requires few gears, and the only thing it needs are the athletic shoes, a ball, and a hoop. 


A versatile sport, swimming is popular among boys and girls alike. Involving strenuous physical activities, swimming is more like competitive racing that offers physical and psychological benefits at the same time. All it needs is a swimsuit, goggles, and swim cap.


Sports for Women
Sports for Women

A relaxing, classy, and more of elegant sport is golf. Be it a man or a woman; golf is ideal for both. It’s not strenuous and only involves walking from one hole to the other. You might have seen that many women belonging to the posh society are pretty regular in the golf courses. 

Psychological Benefits Of Sports For Women 

Sports always comes with two-way benefits. While building a team spirit, it also improves concentration and develops social interaction in a nurturing ambiance. Instead of slipping into an unhealthy social life, women can get themselves engaged in a positive environment. 

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