Tips for reading relationship tarot spread

relationship tarot spread

Love is one of the most enthralling, if not the most enthralling, human mysteries that we yearn to discover. And, given its elusive and desired character, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular questions readers are asked to answer. There are a plethora of circumstances in which we seek solutions, whether for ourselves or others. The spreads we’ll be looking at today are designed to help you gain a new perspective on the loves and relationships in your life. We’re focused on romantic relationships for the most part, although some of these may be utilized or altered to be used in other types of relationships.

Set the scene 


According to Vanderveldt, you’ll want to connect with your deck and delve into your intuition before you begin. Take a seat someplace comfortable and clean your space, bringing a diary with you. Vanderveldt recommends lighting a candle to prepare for a reading, but you may do whatever seems appropriate for you. She recommends closing your eyes and grounding into your body while monitoring your sensations. “You may use your intuition, the cosmos, or any guides you work with to assist you pick and interpret your cards in your best interests,” Vanderveldt says. Then shuffle the deck, think about your query, and “pick a card when it feels appropriate,” she advises.

Focus on yourself


“I think it’s vital to focus on your involvement in the circumstance with any relationship reading,” Vanderveldt tells mbg. After all, this advice is intended just for you. “Pulling cards to attempt to read someone’s thoughts or get access to something they didn’t grant you isn’t the most ethical,” she says, “and you could get pushback or ambiguous responses.” “Try to stay as neutral as possible,” she adds, even if it’s tough. “It’s critical to remember that relationships (and the tarot) serve as mirrors in our lives, teaching us.”

Make a record of your reflection.

‘Finally, once you have your spread in front of you, Vanderveldt recommends taking note of your immediate responses to the cards as well as how they interact with one another. Write down your observations, as well as any questions or ideas that occur to the mind in your diary. “You may reference any books or tarot materials from there,” she explains, “to assist refine the messages that resonate with you.” When you’re finished, put your cards back in the deck and end your reading. As a final comment, Vanderveldt says, “Remember that you have free will.” “You can opt to modify your course if you don’t like the outcome a card is projecting.”


With a bit of intuition and these insightful tarot spreads on your side, you’ll be able to get fresh insights about your past, present, and future relationships. It’s always a good idea to get a second opinion from the cards, no matter how safe and cozy your relationship is. Tarot cards may reveal any repressed inner sentiments and conflicts, as well as how your spouse feels about you.

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