Strong Women Names – Are They Right For You

strong women names

Strong women’s names are great for identification, character trait, and all round beauty. Some of the most popular strong women’s names include Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth, Victoria, and Victoria. If you don’t have a name in mind yet, there are plenty of strong names out there. But just remember, they don’t have to be top names.

Mary Is Popular As A Strong Name

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Mary is extremely popular as a strong name, though not a very good one. There is nothing alluring about a woman named Mary! And yet strong, beautiful Victoria is another name that has a lot of appeal. It sounds just like the name Victoria, which is a perfect name if you like that feminine, graceful sound. If you don’t like that sound, try calling yourself Victoria. Not only will it be more feminine, it’ll also be kinder and friendlier.

Add some flowery names to your list of strong women’s names. Floral names tend to draw people in. If you would like to gain attention from pretty much anyone, consider putting a flowery name to your business card. You can even include it on the shirt you wear to work, on a hat, or in a car. A few drops of rose oil on your hair and perfume will bring out the real lady in you.

You can add some spice to a more masculine strong women’s name. Anna is a great name for a man who is strong in spirit. It sounds so much classier than Anna. Men can feel confident that their strong women friends are classy and smart, just like their own mothers and grandmothers.

Consider Sweetheart For Playful Name

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If you’re interested in a playful name, Sweetheart is a name that might fit you. With all the love and hopes of romance attached to this name, it’s not a bad choice. Just keep in mind that you’re going to have to live with this name long after you graduate from high school. If you find that you’ve had many boyfriends or girlfriends, Sweetheart might not be such a great choice after all. However, if you’re single and simply trying to make a good impression, this name could work well for you.

Consider Calling Your Petagna

If you want something a bit more elegant, consider calling your petagna. Petagne means “the white wind.” This could easily apply to your career, as white is another strong woman’s name. As with all strong women’s names, though, you’ll likely have to live with this one for a long time!

If you’re still undecided on what name to give your sweetheart, consider Diamond. This name was actually an old spelling that meant “a hard stone.” It has stuck, though, and now refers to the gemstone. Diamond is a gemstone that’s a little less common than ruby. If you don’t live near an opening for the gems, you may have to settle for diamonds.

Summing Up

Some strong women’s names come from stories. These include Bridget, from the British play Bridget Jones Diary; Pamela, from the movie Pretty Woman; and Delilah, from the book Who’s the Boss? All of these names have strong roots in history and culture. They fit well into a heroine’s character, whether she’s strong sexy, or mysterious. That’s part of what makes strong women’s names so great – they tell a story.

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