Strong Female Naming Choices

strong female names

Strong female names often have historical roots and very personal meanings. You can feel very close to your chosen name when you use it to describe yourself or your loved one. Strong names work very well for both sexes and growing with your baby from the nursery to the boardroom creates an impression that will last forever. Many of the most popular and memorable names are in the feminine category. These distinctive names come from a range of naming traditions but ultimately all share strong meanings which speak to strength, command respect, and sound amazing.

Consider The Name Mary

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Mary is a strong female name with a classic origin in Ireland. It means grace and love and means ‘blessed mother’. Another great strong female name is Anna, which means joy and sweetness. Anna is an ideal name for a young lady who enjoys being sweet and loving, while still maintaining her individuality and strong sense of pride and identity. Finding all these qualities in your Anna is sure to create a wonderful life for yourself and her children!

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In the Italian language, Valentina means strength’. This beautiful name means that your valentine is a strong and brave woman! That’s exactly what valentine is…a strong and brave woman! The combination of strength and beauty make this a name that means more than a simple feminine name.

Florian is another great baby name for a brave and beautiful woman! The meaning of Florian is bright and cheerful and the name sounds so melodic when spoken. Any parent would love having their baby girl named Florian. Any parent who has ever heard a baby girl say the words Florian in an excited tone, can picture this baby girl smiling ear to ear as she introduces herself to all of her friends!

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Maya is yet another strong female name with a beautiful origin story. Maya means “captivating beauty” and the meaning is true! This is a name that will always be exciting for any expecting mom to hear. The strong accent on the name makes Maya a name that will be delightful no matter where it is used, as long as the baby girl goes on to have a captivating and fascinating personality!

There are also some other strong female names that are not based on original meanings but were created by a popular character from literature. Two of these names come from literature and have interesting origins. Gabrielle is a perfect name for a strong and brave young woman who is trying to gain courage. The name came from the word Gabriel, which is an Irish phrase meaning “God is with us!” Another interesting origin of the name is derived from Greece and refers to a brave hero. Helen is a name that means “knights” and was a popular character in Greek plays and literature.

Final Words

When choosing a strong female name, it is important to consider what the name means. Is the name a Biblical name? Does it have an interesting history? Are there other names similar to it? Once you begin to research the history of a given name, you can make a more informed decision regarding whether or not the name is right for you. When you choose a strong female name, you are giving yourself a gift and making your life a bit easier!

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