Skin Treatment with Natural Products

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Women have always groomed themselves since time immemorial. As far as the grooming needs are concerned, mothers have shared a special bond with their daughters. They have shared secret tips and secret face pack recipes. A daughter is often the shadow of her mother as she carved out of the same clay. She gets her cooking skills, grooming skills and cleaning skills from her mother. These beauty secrets are taught by mothers to their daughters and passed on from generations to generations. Here are some natural products quite effective in skin treatment.

Ask some pretty women about the secret of their flawless skins and they would take pride in boasting about their self-proclaimed secret recipes for making their skin and hair looking like a million bucks. They would often come up with secret family recipes of skin and hair care which has been followed by all the women in their family. These secret beauty tips are none other than clever kitchen tricks. Our own kitchen is a storehouse of wonderful beauty aids. Before technology and the world of chemicals took over, women only had these kitchen and home remedies to groom themselves.

Fuller’s Earth 

This mud pack is largely popular to removing acne and blemishes and also lightening the skin tone. It is used in many face packs even today for its wonderful healing properties. It has high content of magnesium chloride which helps in reducing pimples. 

Chickpea Flour Facial

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Commonly known as ‘Uptan’, this is done in many Indian homes even today. A coarsely ground chickpea flour is further mixed with lemon, honey, curd and turmeric. This is used as a face scrub to remove dead skin cells and make the skin soft and supple. 

Curry Leaves for good hair

We often tend to remove curry leaves from our food. But curry leaves actually have a very high nutritive content. A curry leaves paste when applied on the hair, prevents hair graying and also helps to grow hair. They are rich in amino acids which prevent hair loss. Curry leaves also have high amounts of beta carotene with prevent premature graying and thinning of hair. 

Butter Facial

Although few do this, but butter facial has oodles of goodness to your skin. The milk fat makes the skin soft and supple. This tip should not be used on women with oily skin. 

Beauty Oils

If you are one of those lucky few whose granny fusses over your skin, then you should do just as she says. Her specially concocted beauty oil has tones of beneficial ingredients for your skin and hair. Grannies have a good knowledge of essential herbs and oils and know exactly how these will benefit our skins. 

Such beauty secrets are family secrets which are passed lovingly from mothers to daughters. Some old women even swear by a wine treatment for your skin. Try rubbing your face with some leftover wine to find a lovely glow the next day.

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