Signs Of Abusive Relationship You Need To Get Out Quickly - Signs Of Abusive Relationship You Need To Get Out Quickly -

Signs Of Abusive Relationship You Need To Get Out Quickly

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Love is a feeling to win someone or the power to kill someone. There are people for whom love turns out to be a fairy tale and, for some, the worst nightmare of their life. It is essential to realize that you are in an abusive relationship and leave as soon as possible. If your partner controls you, restricts you from doing anything, you should know that it is an abusive relationship. When people are in love, mostly when they just started their relationship, they tend to ignore these small things. An abusive relationship doesn’t have these qualities. It is more like being disrespectful, intense jealousy, dominating, physical, mental violence.

This article is about an abusive relationship that you need to get out of as soon as possible. So let’s dig in

Signs That Your Relationship Is An Abusive Relationship

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Your Opinion Does Not Matter To Them

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It’s okay if someone doesn’t like it when anyone gives them suggestions, advice, or opinions. But if you are in a relationship, you should be receiving or giving advice, and that’s completely fine. Everyone is not wrong all the time; in an abusive relationship, this is a sign if your partner never appreciates your opinion and thinks that you always rant. It is a most prominent sign of an abusive relationship that you need to get out quickly.

Extremely Jealous And Suspicious

It is normal to have a ping of jealousy in a completely good relationship because love comes with every emotion. However, if you are or you think you are in an abusive relationship, your partner will take it to another level. Always checking on you where you are, with whom you are with, and endless questions. They might keep their eyes on your bank and card statements, checking your social media accounts. It is a clear sign of an abusive relationship.

Gaslighting Is A Sign Of An Abusive Relationship

Gaslighting is an emotional abuse, where the abusive partner keeps on manipulating the partner. They say something and mean something else. For example, they say something offensive, but when you start questioning them, turn the whole conversation saying that it was just a joke. If you regularly go through such a phase, you need to get away as it is an abusive relationship.

Always Comparing You With Others

If you are a part of an abusive relationship then, “my ex was better in ex,” ” My mother cooks better than you,” “his/her body is better than yours” terms like these you have often heard. Your partner is always complaining about what you have, what you don’t have and keeps on comparing that with others. It means that they don’t value you, and you are not meant to be in such an abusive relationship.


Loving someone is an excellent trait of your character, but it is equally important to love yourself. These were the most evident signs of an abusive relationship. Now I hope you know what kind of relationship you are in, precisely if it is a good or abusive relationship.

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