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Relationship Anarchy – Is it Bad

relationship anarchy

Relationships at the best of times aren’t always so smooth sailing, and relationships that are left on the cutting room floor often have serious problems, which can lead to relationship anarchy, also known as a relationship-free reign. What is this, and how do couples get out of relationships anarchy? Here’s a look.

Relationship anarchy, sometimes called relationship chaos, is when you have multiple intimate relationships (romantic, sexual, lesbian, gay, or both) with no hope of monogamy. Relationship anarchy exists when there is no one to give you a straight answer to polyamory, same-sex, or bi-racial relationship. People who suffer from relationship anarchy enjoy their intimate relationships with various people but have no need to label them. So basically, there’s no husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or even “friend with benefits,” f**k pal, etc., without financial, personal, or emotional benefits being attached. In other words, all these labels are empty in my mind, and I don’t really care about them anymore except for a f **k sake.

Relationship Anarchy

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There are many reasons why relationship anarchy happens, and this article will explore some of them. Often, it happens because a couple decides to live separately and thus are not together physically or emotionally. This can happen when one of the individuals wants out or wants to be left alone. It can also happen when a couple chooses familial over polyamory, and this may also lead to relationship anarchy if the chosen family relationships are monogamous.

If you happen to be a relationship anarchy breaker, you need to figure out if your behavior is truly unhealthy. Do you have affairs in your relationship? Are you having too much sex with other people besides your spouse? Do you still send and receive text messages and emails? If you are sending or receiving texts and emails and have had one partner cheater, then this is grounds for outright relationship anarchy.

Now, let’s discuss why people who are in relationship anarchy choose to be polyamory over monogamy. Many people choose this path because they have discovered something about their partners that they did not like or that made them uncomfortable. For example, maybe your partner cheated on you or is completely unfit, which makes them have multiple affairs. Maybe your partner is emotionally distant and does not want to spend time with you anymore.

A Much Ado

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If you feel this way, but you still love your partner and want to save your relationship, you can use relationship anarchy to edit the source material. In other words, you can decide to live apart and edit your own material. That means you can do this by creating new profiles on online dating sites and flirting with other daters. Then you can slowly but surely edit the material from your old profiles until it becomes platonic. Your relationship might never come to an end if you do this, but at least you will not be doing the same thing your ex did to you.

However, there are some problems with the relationship anarchy. Perhaps the biggest problem is that all of your relationships become hierarchical. This means that your ex has control over you and your life even after you are divorced. You also might feel a lack of respect from other people because you are giving power to one person, even if that person is not you.

Bottom Line

The good news is that relationship anarchy works great for people who want to save their relationships from ending in divorce. However, if you want to go the other direction and actually commit to monogamy, you need a relationship escalator. The relationship escalator is basically a set of rules and guidelines you follow so that you can avoid getting into situations where the other person already has control. By following these rules, you can avoid ending up in relationship anarchy.

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