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women are strong

What a great piece of Writing bylines is “Women are Strong.” That’s a powerful opening line. It’s an assessment and a challenge to all of us. I’ve always loved Lake Wobegon; in fact, I was raised there and have lived my whole life in that little community.

Lake Wobegon used to be named “the little city that time forgot”, and the cliche came true. The famous closing words of that monologue are, “All the women are strong; all the men are good looking, and all the children are well above average in intelligence.” I think that the challenge to all of us comes through with the writer’s comment that “all the women are strong.”

Women Are Strong


But that isn’t enough. We need more than a strong woman; we need a strong woman with a lot of positive qualities, a woman who possesses the courage to reach her potential and live up to her amazing possibilities. A woman with a lot of strengths. Not just physically but in all areas of her life.

There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of strengths. In fact, it’s a positive thing. Having a diverse life with many strengths brings opportunities to grow and learn and develop in all of her many strengths. A woman can live a rich and satisfying life if she chooses to.

But what if you were born with only one strong trait? If that was you, your life would be limited to that one strength. You wouldn’t have any other strengths, nor would you feel like you could live up to your full potential. That would be bad, wouldn’t it?

So how do you get around this? The first step is to discover your Strengths. Do you have an abundance of physical strength? Perhaps you’re a strong person with great endurance. Perhaps you’re a talented singer, or you play an instrument beautifully. Or do you have a wonderful sense of humor, which allows you to laugh at yourself and make others laugh too?

Things To Consider

A woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

The next thing you want to do is recognize your Strengths. Women often confuse having a lot of strengths with being a strong woman, but the two are actually very different. Remember, women aren’t born with a bundle of strength. They develop their own strength over time by doing things that stimulate them and challenge them.

Finally, you want to use your Strengths. Women aren’t just born with strength; they develop and grow theirs over their lifetime. When you are working toward being a strong woman, remember to use your strengths. If you have an abundance of physical strength, work on your upper body. If you’re an excellent writer, often write if you’re an athletic woman, schedule time to go running, biking, or swimming.

When you know your Strengths, use them to their fullest. Use your Strengths to create meaning in your life and your relationships. Recognize and respect your strong traits and use them to support the kind of life you want to live.

When you know women are strong women, you will also be inspired to do great deeds and good deeds for the benefit of others. Think of how you can lift someone who may need it and give them hope. You’ll also be inspired to share your own knowledge and strength with others because you will know how to reach out to others. This is part of building your character and your reputation.

Bottom Line

Next time you read a book about a strong heroine, remember that she is strong in herself and knows her own strength. She has the fortitude to overcome obstacles and does not easily give up. She is capable of handling even the worst circumstances and is able to get through anything in the fictional town of Mist County, Kansas.

If you place these ideas into your own head and follow them, you will find that you are more inspired to write the characters in your own fictional town or story. When you get to the end of your story, you will understand just how inspired you were with your own Strong Women characters, and you can use these same strong qualities in your own real life. It’s okay to have your own weakness, as long as you know how to overcome it.

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