pH Balance Pills: Brands That Every Woman Trusts

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Maintaining pH balance is important for overall health, and can be done in a variety of ways. One popular method is the use of pH-balanced pills. Here are six of the most popular pH balance pills on the market today.

1. pH Balance Pills for Weight Loss by Kyolic

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Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract ph Balancing Dietary Supplement Tablets are made from 100% organically grown garlic and aged to perfection. This version of the popular supplement promises to balance your ph levels and help you lose weight. Ingredients: Each tablet contains 418 mg of aged garlic extract, 2.4 mg of extract from 10 mg of ph-balanced aged garlic, and 0.6mg phylloquinone (vitamin K1).

2. pH Balance Pills for Heartburn by Nature Made

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Nature Made ph Balance Heartburn Relief contains a ph balancing blend along with magnesium hydroxide and calcium carbonate to help reduce ph levels in your stomach.

3. pH Balance Pills for Stomach Acid by NOW Foods

NOW ph Levels Stomach Acid Reducer contains active ph balancing ingredients to reduce ph levels and promote digestive health. This version is fast-acting, so it begins working immediately after you take it.

4. pH Balance Pills for Weight Loss by Align

Align ph Balance Starter Pack contains a ph balancing supplement designed for weight loss. It also contains a probiotic to promote ph balance in your intestinal tract for better health.

5. pH Balance Pills for Heartburn by Nature Made

Nature Made ph Balance Instant Heartburn Relief acts fast and starts working quickly to reduce ph levels in your stomach and provide ph balancing benefits.

6. pH Balance Pills for Intestinal Health by NOW Foods

A ph balance pill is a supplement that is designed to promote and maintain ph levels in the body. This can be important for your overall health, especially if you’re experiencing digestive problems or other chronic illnesses due to pH imbalances. Some ph balance pills are made from natural ingredients, including herbs and botanical extracts, others use minerals as their active ingredients. In this article, I will discuss six ph balance pills from NOW Foods that have been scientifically proven to work well.

1) The first ph balancer on my list is Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics by NOW Foods which contains a blend of enzymes and probiotics specifically formulated for optimal digestion. They offer relief from occasional gas or bloating, heartburn or indigestion. They are easy to digest and the maximum strength capsules are available in a small size for people who have difficulty swallowing large ph balance pills. A ph balance pill of this type is essential because proper digestion depends on healthy levels of stomach acids, adequate enzymes, and good intestinal flora (bacteria that live in your digestive tract).

2) Another ph balance pill from NOW Foods is their Magnesium Citrate. This ph balancing supplement contains the ph balancer magnesium and citric acid, which has been used for decades as a digestive aid. It helps to soften your stools and improve elimination without irritating cramping or diarrhea that can occur with many other ph balance pills of this type. They also have a ph balance pill that contains magnesium and malic acid, which is known to provide relief from some types of muscle cramps.


No matter what ph levels you want to maintain within your body, there is a ph balancing supplement available to help you. Each of these ph balance pills can support ph levels within a different part of the body, from the stomach to the intestines and beyond.

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