Open Relationship – What You Can Expect From This

open relationship

A relationship is the most beautiful thing in the world. It may be between a parent and a child, among two friends, among lovers, or among the siblings. Among the many types, the relationship among two people who love each other is also considered unique and significant. There is a sort of relationship also known as an open relationship which is widely known. The term is used for relationships where both partners can indulge in emotional and physical attachments with others. It is a consensually non-monogamous relationship that can also be termed open marriage for the partners who are married. There are many things that one should know about his type of relationship.

Some of the basics of an open relationship include the following.

Open Relationship – Advantages

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The open relationship lifestyle offers a multitude of opportunities for personal growth. This type of relationship is believed to creating many positive changes in people’s lives.  One of the main changes includes shedding layers of societal programming, where one gets to be free from the judgments and the pressures of society. People are seen to overcome obstacles with ease and they also learn to express themselves in a better way. A factor that plays a huge role in any relationship is communication. Being in an open relationship allows people to assess any issue that arises. Since people engage with others apart from their partner, it allows them to be more honest and transparent to their partner regarding everything. For a long-term relationship, personal space is significant. An open relationship allows that by having security and comfort of a stable home base relationship and allowing freedom to explore connections with other people.

Open Relationship – Disadvantages

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Emotions can sometimes prove to be a downside in an open relationship. Expression of feelings is good but many times people are resistant to their feelings. They are hesitant to deal with them and this serves to put a strain on any relationship. Feelings are one of the prime reasons why people are opposed to open relationships. Another disadvantage of being in an open relationship is that practically it is difficult to follow. There are times when it becomes difficult to juggle work and family life let alone one relationship, so there is often no time for any other relationships.  

Working Of An Open Relationship

An open relationship will work only if both the partners have total trust in one another. They need to communicate their needs and feelings instead of bottling them up. It is a key to a healthy open relationship. The partners also need to be comfortable and agree with their counterparts being in serious relationships outside of their relationship.  


Hence, people can get to know about some of the basic features of the relationship from this. Being in an open relationship is not an easy task especially if you do not understand how it feels to be in one. You have to be open to constant experimentation and be sure of the fact that you do not own the other person and there is no exclusivity in the relationship. With that understanding, being in an open relationship is going to be blissful for both of you.

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