Natural Facial Treatments

Natural Facial Treatments: Do Facial Treatment With Natural Ingredients

Do Facial Treatment With Natural Ingredients

Over artificial cosmetic cures, natural facial treatments are best for your facial skin. That’s why many women are ditching all those synthetic facial treatments to pursue natural treatment kits. As the paradigm shifts towards more natural products, beauty product makers have focused on using natural ingredients for facial treatment. Though, these ingredients are processed to provide enhanced smoothness to the face.


To treat your skin, you can take the natural path. It will enable you to stay away from hidden toxins, chemical effects, and harmful ingredients. Applying some natural ingredients on your skin can bring out your real beauty without the harshness of synthetic ingredients. Now, if you don’t know how you can do natural facial treatments, follow the procedures below:

Natural Facial Treatments: Do Facial Treatment With Natural Ingredients
Natural Facial Treatments: Do Facial Treatment With Natural Ingredients

First Step Face Cleansing

Be it in a salon or home, the facial treatment starts with a thorough cleansing. However, before cleansing, you must remove your makeup properly. After you wash your face make the following cleanser with natural ingredients:

  • You will need 1tspn castor oil.
  • Mix the castor oil into one –a quarter of coconut oil or almond oil.
  • After mixing two ingredients, rub the mixture on your face thoroughly and wash it off with light-warm water. It will clean out the impurities from your face.

Facial Exfoliation With Natural Treatment

Facial exfoliation is a crucial stage of facial treatment as it removes all the dead cells from the skin layer. So, if there’s any remaining dirt even after cleansing, scrubbing can remove that. You should do it once every week. You can make the following scrubber at your home:

  • For the scrubber, you need 1tbsp granulated sugar, lemon juice drops-2, orange oil, and a very small amount of water.
  • After arranging the ingredients, mix them all with your fingertips.
  • When the mixture gets ready, rub it gently on your face, but stay aware that it’s not penetrating your eyes.
  • After 20 minutes, rinse the scrubber off with cold water and pat the water dry with a towel.

Natural Facial Treatments For Facial Massage

Facial massage is extremely important for improved blood flow on your facial muscles. You will look even more captivating and beautiful. For the facial massage, there are lots of ingredients and blending methods.

  • In 1tspn curd, mix a peeled mango slice, little bit of ripe banana, and vitamin E oil- 4 drops. Blend the ingredients till a smooth paste form. Massage it on your skin.

Steaming With Natural Ingredients

You can apply to steam as part of your facial treatment. Instead of using industry products, you can use all-natural ingredients. It helps your skin to relax while styling your look beautifully. With steaming, your skin can get rid of various carcinogens and toxins.

  • After boiling clean water, put your face in front of the bowl of warm water. Then put a towel over your head so that the steam reaches your face quickly. However, don’t place your face too close to the boiled water. 
  • Next, stay like that for 5-10 minutes for steaming your face. As the surface water gets cold, blow from time to time. It will make inside vapor to come out.
Natural Facial Treatments: Do Facial Treatment With Natural Ingredients
Natural Facial Treatments: Do Facial Treatment With Natural Ingredients

Natural Facial Treatments For Face Mask

The face mask is an extremely crucial treatment for the face. It helps to hydrate and tone the skin, tighten your face pores and refreshing your skin pores. Do it twice a week for the best results. Before applying the face mask, steam your face. Here is one face mask that you can make based on what you want:

Take an egg-white and whisk it to make the foamy texture. After making the foam apply it well with your finger all over your face. Immediately place a tissue paper over your face for masking and leave it for one hour. After one hour, peel the mask off your face and use cold water to wash your face.

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