Maintain Health & Physical Balance With Cold Showers -

Maintain Health & Physical Balance With Cold Showers

You might have heard doctors asking about “hydrotherapy” as a therapeutic potion for many diseases. But, have you ever thought what’s precisely is this hydrotherapy, or why it is needed. Well, hydrotherapy is nothing but our everyday habit of taking cold showers. And it brings a bevy of benefits to maintain your health and physical balance. 

For many of us, the thought of cold showers brings shivering chills down the shoulders, especially those who live in colder climates. But, doctors believe that it’s one of the best therapies, which also gets you long term health benefits. 

Maintain Health & Physical Balance With Cold Showers
Maintain Health & Physical Balance With Cold Showers

Still not convinced? Then, let’s take a look at how regular cold showers can help you have long term health benefits. 

Gains Physical Balance & Boost Energy Levels

If you think coffee is no more your energy booster in the lazy Monday mornings, try cold showers. It will instantly perk up your drooping spirit. We know how the thought of getting showers in cold water gets you goosebumps, but eventually, you will love it. Regular baths will improve blood circulation, which gives you a natural dose of energy.

Works On Your Immunity

Cold showers are immunity boosters, claims a scientific study at Thrombosis Research Institute in Britain. As per the experts, cold water directly impacts your metabolic rate, thus aids in easy digestion. The result is activated and improved immunity. Cold showers also facilitate the smooth and effortless release of white blood cells, which also helps in enhancing your body’s ability to prevent the ill effects of various bacteria and virus borne diseases. Cold water reduces skin inflammation and fends off cold and flu even in the winters. 

Reduces The Pain Of Sore Muscles

Athletes and sportspeople often suffer from muscle sprains. And, cold waters work wonder in reducing those sore muscles, claim fitness experts. Even after a strenuous workout, cold shower help decrease the pain and pumps up energy dose. It maximizes the results of training and reduces the recovery time of muscle pains.

Aids In Weight Loss To Maintain Physical Balance

Bathing in cold water speeds up the fat burning process, concludes the research of the Journal of Applied Physiology. As soon as cold water touches your body, it activates the stored carbohydrates for excess energy. Also, it triggers hormonal changes, which results in the massive production of brown fat, which is not the one that makes you overweight and chubby. Brown fat is what remains after your fat burning process and is more noticeable in lean people and athletes. Cold water raises body temperature by burning a significant amount of calories. In any weight loss program, fitness experts talk about incorporating hydrotherapy with cold water for maximum results. Though it’s a post-workout practice, it’s, more importantly, an essential ritual for the ones who are aiming for weight loss. 

Reduces Stress And Lifts Your Mood 

Maintain Health & Physical Balance With Cold Showers
Maintain Health & Physical Balance With Cold Showers

A study on the athletes revealed that cold water results in significantly reduced levels of tension in the players. Compared to those who are trained in warmer conditions, the formers are more fit, both physically and psychologically. Bathing in cold water improves mental health and reduces pressure on the stressful days. As already mentioned, cold hydrotherapy has some positive effects on your hormones. It increases the secretion of happy hormones like serotonin, and aids in fighting with depression, anxiety, and pessimism. It soothes your irritated nerves, by alleviating excess of stress. It acts on your sympathetic nervous system, to impart a treatment.

The Final Takeaway

While warm showers are comforting, cold showers can offer long term health benefits. Be it for weight loss or increased metabolism, and improved immunity, bathing in cold waters offer manifold health benefits that have long term effects. 

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