List Of Top Strong Women Wrestlers

strong women wrestle

When we talk about women wrestlers, we are talking about those strong and extremely talented women who broke stereotypes by proving that women can fight and women can do those things also which are thought to be only done by men. These strong women wrestle showed the world that women are so powerful and strong that they can defeat men in wrestling by their strong fighting abilities.

Many women put a mark on the wrestling industry and took this sport by storm. They portrayed women who are strong enough to become wrestling superstars by their strength and skills.

Following is a list of strong women wrestlers who inspired many of the other women.

Top Strong Women Wrestle List

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Kia steven, aka Kharma, had a glittering career in japan where she won many titles like WWWA and AWA women championships. She signed with WWE and named herself kharma. She caught attention by her intimidating presence.

By defeating Gil Kim, she won her first knockout championship. She left the company soon. It is to be said about her that she is not a woman to be messed up in her pro wrestling days. She is a strong woman with her powerful personality.

Jordynne Grace:

She made her wrestling debut in 2011. She is a powerhouse of amazing physique and has a good muscular appearance. She worked in an independent circuit for years and is the first woman who won the ROH world championship. She is no doubt is a blend of power, strength, and agility.


She is the one who broke gender boundaries in WWE in the 90s and early 20s. The first woman who won an international championship and entered in the Royal Rumble match. She has the strength that she can throw her male opponent around the ring in a time of men’s domination.

Jessica Havok:

She joined wrestling in 2004. She won the MEWL cruiserweight championship and has joined women’s superstars uncensored and won it twice. She then joined Impact wrestling, where she defeated Gail Kim. She is known as one of the most powerful and feared women in the industry. One thing that makes her special is her wrestling style and her tall personality.

Becky Lynch:

Becky lynch learned the craft of pro wrestling at that time where the majorities of the trainer are men. Then she went on to compete in the world with her strong skills and found success by wrestling in Japanese style.

Sarah Stock:

She is known as Dark Angle when she is in Mexico and was called Sarita in TNA. She has a great talent, power and has a good rounder performance. Her moves are so exciting to watch. The audience is so entertained watch her moves like suicide dives and reienera. She is a rising talent, and In the upcoming years, she would be a great wrestler.


These strong women wrestlers are setting an example for many other talented and strong women. As more women are joining wrestling so in the upcoming years, there would have been a tough competition, and we would see more great, strong, and powerful women pursuing their dreams.

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