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Learn To Put Makeup On: Be A Pro With Makeup

Learn To Put Makeup On: Be A Pro With Makeup

Many of us wish to learn to put makeup on like a pro, but we fail. Just because many women don’t know which makeup kit they need when to apply what and where to apply. It’s the biggest truth as many fail to do even a light-makeup for some occasion or daily wearing.

However, makeup is like painting on your face with the right shades and equipment. When done rightly, the slightest makeup can accentuate your beauty threefold. Therefore, you don’t have to learn everything about makeup. Though, if you learn to put makeup on yourself, like a pro, it will last for longer hours.  So, let’s learn how your minimal makeup can stay together when your magic brush talks:

Learn To Put Makeup On: Be A Pro With Makeup
Learn To Put Makeup On: Be A Pro With Makeup

Put Makeup On With Refreshing And Prepping Skin

Before applying any makeup, first, you must moisturize your skin. That’s why you need a good quality moisturizer that suits your skin type and eye cream. When you are going to apply makeup, your skin must be well-hydrated, smooth, and soft. Otherwise, makeup will look flaky.

Neutralize And Correcting Under-Eye Color

Next, you must color-correct and neutralize yours under eye darkness that includes extreme discoloration. So for that, you can opt for a color-corrector of pink- or peach tone. Now with the right concealer layer, make a smooth transition all over your face.

Apply Makeup With Right Foundation Shade

Choosing the right foundation based on your skin type is extremely crucial. That’s why you should at least try three-four foundation color swatches. Before buying one, try them on the side of your face. The best match will certainly disappear when you rub it on your skin without leaving your skin whiter or darker.

Layer Blushes For Your Lasting Look

While applying blushes, go for layers of blushes to accentuate the look. First, brush a natural blush shade on your apples of the cheeks. After that, brush it back toward your hairline. Then use a downstroke towards your jaw-line. After applying natural blush, add a little brighter color like blush-pink over your apples on your face.

Learn To Put Makeup On By Defining Your Brows

You can start with the inner corner of your brows. From the inner corner, brush straight up to the head of your brows. Follow it with a defining stroke from arch to brow-tail. For making your brow gorgeous, brow shaper and brow shadow’s can play their part extremely well. If you have lesser brow-hair, you can use a brow pencil or gel for defining the brows more prominently.

Learn To Put Makeup On: Be A Pro With Makeup
Learn To Put Makeup On: Be A Pro With Makeup

Three Eye Shadows To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

When you want your eyes to stand out, the application of eye shadow will play a significant role. For best results, choose a combination of three eye shadows to give dimensions to your eye makeup. So, to start with, use a light base shadow on your lid. Next, across your lower lid, apply a medium shadow to enhance your eye-shape. When you have already applied two shadows, then paint with a dark shadow on your upper and lower lash lines.

Lipstick That Looks Best With Your Skin Tone

You can choose a nude gloss or lipstick to keep your minimal look do all the talking. So, while choosing the right lip color, go for something deeper or brighter. These shades will pull together your entire look effortlessly.

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