Inspirational Quotes for Strong Women

Strong Women Quotes

We cannot deny that women symbolize the term “strong.” When we hear that word, bold women will enter our minds; these are the women who love themselves and accept what they are and what they have.

Women tend to have strong personalities and characteristics compared to men. Among those personalities are having high self-esteem and confidence. Women tend to carry themselves all throughout, no matter how they look, their size, and their color. With that, to inspire more women out there, check these quotes down below and encourage a lady today!

Here are some of the best authors who encourage feminism through their books and quotes. These sayings are very helpful, especially when a woman is in need of encouragement and some self-esteem to be themselves. So, if you know a woman who is having a bad day, give them some encouraging quotes from these authors:


This author wants to convey that women, no matter how many times they are hurt, they are also willing to get up and move on many times. Even if they are hurting, you can not tell how they look because all they always show is being brave and happy.


This author is saying that women can live on their own. Those women can build their names; they can do things without anyone’s help. In other words, they do not need other people to be happy and have a good life. They could be queens in their kingdom, even without a king.


This author believes that a woman becomes more substantial and unique because of the things that tested her personality. She believes that its imperfections make a woman more beautiful.


JMSTORM has written many strong women quotes, and one of them he wrote is that women can be judged by people based on their imperfections, but they will ignore what she did and the effort she extends to be whole again.


This author is one of those who has written many strong women quotes. One of his notable quotes is that he is advising that if you ever get to the point where you feel you are in the wrong story, do not be afraid to leave it and start again. He says here that you should not force yourself into a place that is not meant for you as a woman.


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People get stressed and demotivated from time to time. Most of those people are mainly women. Women tend to be more sensitive, and they get tired easily. Hence, they feel demotivated to do the things they love sometimes.

To encourage women out there, the quotes that we listed in this article will truly give you hope and encouragement to fight through life. Women need to be reminded that there is more to life and life is much better when you stay positive.

As you read these strong women quotes, it may help you be better prepared for the challenges you may face in life. We hope this allows you to accept what you have and love yourself better.

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