First Love: Things That You Learn From The Relationship

First Love: Things That You Learn From The Relationship

When first love happens to anyone, it changes many things for the person completely. As the changes bring many first experiences with the love interest, it gets etched inside our minds. Of course, it doesn’t define one as a person, but you can never forget things that your the love has taught you. That’s why it has a special abode in the world of music, literature, and art from years after years.

When love arrives for the first time in a person’s life, it brings a bouquet of new things with itself. Every emotion runs limitless during the time and gives you a rollercoaster ride. It teaches you many things that you have never experienced:

First Love: Things That You Learn From The Relationship
First Love: Things That You Learn From The Relationship

First Love Teaches You About Your Awesomeness

For the first time in life, you realize beside your friends and family; someone else thinks you are fantastic. Wasn’t that feeling of being funny, and amazing to your first, amazing? You can never forget the tingling sensation you first got in your heart.

You Can’t Ignore Lust

Do you know that lust leads to falling in love during the first stage? That’s why during this sweet stage in your love journey, you can stay with your partner 24/7. It doesn’t bore or annoy you.

Sometimes the craziness that brews inside you can keep you awake for days so that you never miss out anything. In this phase, every word, every gesture of the first seems fascinating.

First Love Teaches Arguing Is Natural In Relationships

Even if you never argued from childhood, with your first, you learn the art of arguing. After sometimes, you learn that arguing is not as bad as long as you resolve things. You can’t always agree with everything, and that’s Ok.

Keep Few Things Secret

You will learn that it is best to keep a few parts of your relationship covered by others. You may flaunt the great stuff, but don’t go on to tell others if some misunderstandings have taken place. It is best that you talk to your partner and not burst out in front of your friends. Of course, friends can give good advice, but it can easily affect your decisions with other loves in the future.

First Love Requires Lots Of Work

Love, for the first time, takes lots of work from both-end to keep it intact. Romantic movies may reveal something else to you. However, in real life, it takes the right communication, compromise, acceptance, honesty, and the ability to deal with nonsense.

Trusting Someone Makes You Feel Scared

When you first fall for someone, you feel scared. It paces your heart and mind when you enter the unknown realm of life called love. Many believe, and expectations go through the test. That leads to trusting someone whom you don’t know well, yet you must take the risk.

First Love: Things That You Learn From The Relationship
First Love: Things That You Learn From The Relationship

Balancing Friendships And Relationship Becomes Tough

When a person is in love for the first time, he/she forgets about others to be with their love. It feels that all the time in the world is not enough to be with the person. However, that belief-system makes you make the terrible mistake of keeping your family and friends away from you. But keeping the right balance can bring lots of goodness to life.

You Realize That Butterfly Feeling Soon Fades

Yes, it fades away after sometimes into a relationship. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love them anymore or love any less; it’s an evolution in your relationship. This is a sign of reaching the attachment stage where you feel comfortable, safe, and good.

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