Did You Know Pregnancy Can Get You Weird Food Cravings?

Pregnancy Can Get You Weird Food Cravings

Ever in your dreams, can you think of having ice cream and pickles at the same time? Welcome to the pregnancy days when such weird food cravings are more likely to get on your nerves. May be a juicy bacon cheeseburger is not as appealing as a bowl of pineapple. And, it makes sense, when you are expecting. The little munchkin inside your belly gives you weird body shape with a strange appetite too.

What Causes Weird Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Several factors, mostly hormonal changes, are responsible for such weird triggers. Sometimes, this bizarre sense of taste and smell can prompt nutritional deficiencies. But, to keep yourself in pink of health, would-be moms should take care of their food habits. Typically pregnancy cravings start from the first trimester, though few women experience it much earlier. Let’s find out some common pregnancy craving here. 

Pregnancy Can Get You Weird Food Cravings
Pregnancy Can Get You Weird Food Cravings

Common Food Cravings When You Are Expecting


The sweet, sour, tangy pickle is the yummiest of all when you are expecting. The salt and vinegar-soaked gingers can make a pregnant woman go mad. But, irresistible craving for the dill pickles can indicate low sodium levels. Regardless of the cause, feel free to eat it, and do not forget to check your sodium levels. 


Well, chocolates act as a perfect mood lifter. Due to the presence of the chemicals called tryptophan, chocolates can produce adequate serotonin in your brain. And it makes you happy. But, the best part is high calories in chocolates help you stay fit and steady during pregnancy.


Having lemon water frequently is a common pregnancy craving. It keeps you hydrated, but if you prefer you can also consume


Though soda eases morning sickness, it’s not a great choice as it comes with loads of sugar, which is certainly not great for women dealing with gestational diabetes. 

Red Meat

Rich with iron and protein, red meat is excellent for pregnant women. Women suffering from iron or protein deficiency often crave red meat. While this is good for expecting women, it’s always better to get some medicine to deal with the deficiency. 

Spicy Food 

Spicy foods can satiate your inner volcano when it comes to pregnancy feeling. Get some tasty snacks like curry, hot wings, and many more. However, make sure that they do not end up upsetting your stomach. A great way to consume spicy food is to get them baked and not fried. This way, you can keep away from unwanted calories.

Cravings For Dairy And Fruits 

While this is not quite common, you might face an unquenchable desire for sweet fruits, yogurt, and ice cream, when you are expecting. Doctors say such cravings are great as the fruits supply necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. However, women with gestational diabetes must talk to doctors before having fruits and dairy products. 

The Strange Food Cravings & Bizarre Combinations

Pregnancy Can Get You Weird Food Cravings
Pregnancy Can Get You Weird Food Cravings

Now that you already know what the common pregnancy cravings are, why not talk about something really weird? And, you are going to be at shock knowing that an expecting mom can eat ice like anything. But women craving ice is most likely to suffer from anemia. But, when we talk about bizarre combinations, we are talking about something like pickles wrapped in cheese, or pizza. 

Last but not least, weird appetites can upset your health. So, whenever pregnancy craving hits you hard, distract yourself. But, as long as they are healthy stuff, you can go for it. 

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