4 Inspirational Books About Strong Women You Must Read


Empowered female characters and strong female writers have been playing a vital role in the world of books. If you love such inspirational readings, here is a list of new books about strong women that you must read at least once in your life. These books will help you a lot to learn about feminism giving you a short crash course on feminism. These books can change your thoughts about men being stronger than women in every way. These books can also help you to get the motivation to get out of there and start leading a life that you want to live.

Have A Look At The Best Books About Strong Women

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It is said that it is very important for women to read books about strong women because they show women growing and making their way in the world. These books based on women’s experiences will make you feel that you are not alone. Make your days productive and cheerful by reading a few pages of these books daily.

Shark Tales – Barbara Corcoran

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This book is about the inspiring story of Barbara Corcoran giving sage advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. After she fails at twenty-two jobs, Corcoran quits her job. And she borrowed $1000 from her boyfriend and started her own business with a small real estate company in New York City. She worked hard and gradually built her company into a $6 Billion business. After reading this book, you will surely feel that if she can do it, you can do it too.

Grit – Angela Duckworth

In this book, the author shows that anyone who strives to succeed should know that the secret to achieving success is not only talent but a blend of persistence and passion that she calls: “grit.” This book is life-changing which most importantly, tells you that you can learn grit. 

Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich – Lois. P. Frankel

The author of this book reveals that the things that are taught to the girls may prevent them from following their dreams and becoming financially independent. She addresses the outdated concepts that keep women away from having the success and wealth they deserve. Also, she offers some valuable tips to help women take control of their money and their lives. This book will be most helpful to make smart money choices, change negative behaviors and embrace the life you have ever wanted.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth, in this book, discusses her unique perspective related to creativity by digging her soul-deep into this profound book. She offers you valuable insights into the inspirational nature and asks you to embrace your curiosity. Creativity stays inside everyone in one form, or another and Gilbert offers the inspiration and motivation to overcome your fears and discover them. She provides great advice in a light-hearted yet thoughtful inspirational book.


Reading one of these books about strong women can do wonders for your self-esteem. You can find nothing more empowering than reading about how someone you adore was able to turn things around during the darkest times. Read the above-mentioned books about strong women when you feel down and need a boost of inspiration and motivation.

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